Sleep Among the Dead 

(music and lyrics ©2016-Doomstress)

Your fate has come at last, its written in my eyes
All your tomorrows are born tonite
Take all your fears star child and cast them all aside
Come the dawn you'll be shed of these lies

Lay your body down  -  Let the stillness be one with you
Rest your weary head  -  Cradled to my breast
Still your beating heart  -  Breathing can cease within
Worlds become one  -  This is not the end
Lay your body down  -  Giving up your mortality    
Rest your weary head  -  The universe expands
Still your beating heart  -  Slip into eternity
Worlds become one  -  When we sleep among the dead

I have come to gather all ye wayward souls
For all your endless traveling on  
The time is nigh release those mortal bindings you have known
My hands shall guide unto beyond


Your release is farewell to the Earth, its no longer home to you    
The life that awaits, too long denied, as another tomorrow dies
Separate from you birth, let go, now the way is shown
Through the stars you'll ascend when you sleep among the de

Way of the Mountain  

(music and lyrics ©2016-Doomstress)

When the mood is right I can feel the fates calling me
I can't deny a burning deep down inside
So hard to fight and my essence won't be contained
Gotta scratch that itch cause its eating me alive
The pressure builds, all this heat about to make me burst
I wanna burn feel my body engulfed in flame
The calling grows, try not to lose control
Scorching winds scour my soul and feed my fire
I went the way of the mountain, my spirit called to me
I went the way of the mountain, as spoken of in dreams
This primal pulsing is just my nature, the wild woman feeds

I went the way of the mountain, and set my spirit free
In the dark of night Luna's spell washes over me
Catch the scent and it steals the breath I need
Racing heart, feel the leather tight against my flesh
The hunt is on, the coming of the sacrifice

The spirit walker came in a vision offering smoke and wine
Magic fire was burning, taking me higher, it has me losing my mind

Bitter Plea

(Music & Lyrics ©2017-Doomstress)

Walking a trail of self destruction too many pieces to mend

I stoke those fires and let them rage cause I know I'll burn in the end

I abandon self-preservation and watch a lifetime turn to ash

Forever seeking out some other truths but there's no escaping the past


Ask myself will this hell ever end

Cycle repeats time and again

Plead with the waves to carry me from the shore

Drag me down til there is no pain anymore

Push it harder just one more day, the path ablaze with devastation

To find a way sinking further and further into the fog of desolation


Consumed by this loathsome void that's within

Left to choke on my own bitter taste of hate

And as this sorrow entombs me

I realize to late that its all futile

repeat 1st verse