Doomstress "The Second Rite" ep review in Chimera Magazine:

"Hailing from Texas, and playing a style of music that combines elements from doom metal, The New Wave of British Heavy Metal, and occult rock as well. They cite influences like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Cathedral, and Uriah Heap; some very old school groups that helped craft and influence the metal we know today...I love the whole EP, it’s just doomy, and gloomy, and so 1970’s era as far the overall tone of the tracks. I’m rating this one right up there with Ruby the Hatchett in terms of quality, and throwback stylings." -Tom Hanno @ Chimera Magazine


New 7" Wicked Woman review by Hellride Music!

"I can’t think of a Doom band with a singer that puts so much energy into her vocals and performance. Only Brandon’s remarkable weighty tone and ability to effortlessly conjure lead-heavy Doom-soaked riffs keeps the band from careening wildly into the stratosphere."-Chris Barnes


German review in on the Wicked Woman 7" single!

DOOMSTRESS review in Free Press Houston

Doomstress Successfully Mixes Metal’s Past and Present

"Doomstress, takes cues from bands like Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy, and adds a murkier tone that sounds like its bellowing from the depths of hell.  The EP, Supernatural Kvlt Sounds, takes you to a place that sounds like a mix of the past and present to craft its own sound that sticks in your head after the first listen!" -David Garrick@Free Press Houston

EP Review in Indy Metal Shows

"Supernatural Kvlt Sounds" ep review by Indy Metal Shows!
"...Doomstress aims for a straightforward, more vocal-oriented approach that takes its cues from 70s rock and traditional metal...The original songs show a lot of potential for what could come in the future and the covers show sides of the band that may also be developed.  It’ll be interesting to see where the band and its namesake frontwoman will go from here." -Chris Latta@IMS

Desert Psychlist blog in U.K.

DOOMSTRESS "Supernatural Kvlt Sounds" ep review in Desert Psychlist:
"Doomstress continue along the path of doom first trodden by Alexis and Johnson's other band but weave into those rich tapestry's of gloom threads of majestic classic rock and stonerized hard rock all of which can be heard on the bands latest EP "Supernatural Kvlt Sounds" -Frazer Jones

Metal Kaoz

September 7, 2016
Metal Kaoz review of DOOMSTRESS live performance in Chicago on #WickedSummerTour on September 3rd w/DHU Records labelmates Black Road & Fox 45 (Twin Earth Records)
"Doomstress Alexis simply said “We are DOOMSTRESS from Houston, Texas” and let Doom do the rest of the talking with the massive “Way Of The Mountain”...Tomasz Scull who was pounding the drum skins like there was no tomorrow...Brandon Johnson and Joe Fortunato delivered the Doom double guitar harmonies with a pinch of heaviness, while Alexis was steadily getting her performing mojo, adding lots of don’t get that level of confidence and self-awareness from a lineup which was about to put[only] the seventh gig into the books!" -Maria V & Dimitris Kontogeorgakos @ Metal Kaoz

Metal Kaoz

September 2, 2016
"Well, if this is a proof of what DOOMSTRESS are capable of, I can only see clear skies and auspicious winds for their next step... “Supernatural Kvlt Sounds” rocks my world lately and my only complaint is that I’d like some more" -Maria V @ Metal Kaoz

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